True #Hairfleeks know the importance of a closure and that tight hair part. A closure is very delicate and should be handled with care. It is the finishing touch to a sew in like the icing on the cake. Some women like to relax their leave out or press it every day to blend perfectly with their hair extensions. That causes your hair to break off, become brittle, and thin. A lace closure is great for women who don’t like to leave any of their natural hair out when getting a sew in installed.

There are three different ways you can secure your lace closure:

1. Glue
Gluing would not be the first suggestion. If you are not careful you can damage your edges or rip some of your hair out. If you use a little less glue you will be fine.

2. Add an elastic band
You would just simply sew on a hair band to the closure and strap it down.

3. Tape
Tape the edged of the closure down with hair tape.

Why is a lace closure the way to go?

1. It does not take much to maintain
– Wearing a closure requires little to no maintenance. Besides your bi-weekly wash or co-wash, you can style your hair however you would like and not worry about damage.

2. You can part your hair anyway
– A quality lace closure will allow your installation to look natural. You will have the option to wear your part on either side and push your hair back out of your face.lace-closure-straight

3. Protective style for your hair
– Your hair is completely braided and should be protected with a weaving cap. Wearing a lace closure allows your hair a break from every day excessive heat and product damage.

4. You don’t have to worry about texture
– You do not have to worry about matching your hair with the hair extensions and it not blending. Closures come in all textures, so whatever you would like!