All About Clip-In Hair Extensions

Do you want long, luscious locks? Are you tired of waiting for your hair to grow out? Are you bored with status quo of your natural look? Do you want to branch out and express your creativity and inner artistic side with some bold colors and styling? Have you experienced hair thinning due to medical issues? Do you long to have the long, thick hair back that you once had? Are you looking for a temporary solution that is easy to use?

Clip-in hair extensions are extremely popular these days and there are many reasons why you may find yourself in the market for them. If you are looking to learn more about clip-in hair extensions before you purchase them, you have come to the right place!

Clip In Hair Extension Bundle

Clip-in hair extensions can add length, volume, and even color to your natural locks. If you are hoping to completely transform your look, clip in hair extensions might be the right choice for you. They give you longer, fuller hair in just a matter of a few moments. The benefits of clip in hair extensions are numerous. Clip-in hair extensions are:

Low maintenance
Easy to apply
Damage free
Cost effective

Unlike more permanent methods of applying hair extensions, which can be extremely damaging, clip-in hair extensions attach to your natural hair using a type of pressure sensitive clip that won’t cause any damage to your hair. More permanent types of hair extensions are attached with glue or in ways that can cause potential breakage or damage to your hair. It is also important to learn how to blend your clip-in extensions with your hair for a more natural look.

If you purchase high-quality clip-in hair extensions, it will cost you less in money and time than getting more permanent extensions attached at a salon. They also require much less maintenance, and surprisingly, can last much longer. The very best part about clip-in hair extensions is that are temporary- you can take them out and put them back in whenever you feel like without making an extra trip to the hair salon. Of course, depending on what your needs are, you will have to choose the best type of hair extension for you!

hair stylist clipping hair

If you decide that clip-in hair extensions are the best product for you, there will still be some other decisions that you must make before you swipe your credit card at the register (or online). Questions that you will need to ask yourself will include:

Which length is right for me?
Should I choose human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions?
Do I want curly hair extensions or straight hair extensions?
Which type of clip-in hair system will work for me?

Which hair length extension is right for me?

The length of the hair extensions you choose is dependent on the length of your natural hair. If you have short hair (generally defined as hair that is 6” to 10” inches from the crowns to the ends or hair that does not go longer than chin length), the recommended hair extension length for you is 10” to 14” inches.

If you have medium length hair (11” to 14” inches from the crown to the ends or hair that ends anywhere from the chin to the collar bone), the recommended length of clip-in hair extensions for you is 14” to 18” inches.

clip ins before and after

If you have long hair (hair that is 15” inches or longer from the crown to the ends or hair that is longer than the collar bone), it is recommended that you pick hair extensions that are 18” inches or longer. Also, make sure you properly know how to properly attach clip-in extensions so they look proper no matter what the length!

At #HAIRFLEEK, we have found the most popular length of extensions is generally 20″ because it can be more versatile with styling. Once installed, the length can easily be tweaked to make them look more natural. From our Natural 1B Clip-In Extensions all the way to the “Blondes Have More Fun” Russian Blonde Clip-In extensions we have the popular colors for you to choose from!

human hair vs synthetic hair

Should I choose human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions?

(We only recommend and sell real human hair over at the #HAIRFLEEK store but thought we should still compare the two)

Clip-in hair extensions are generally made from either human hair or from synthetic hair material. Human extensions are generally considered to be the best by those in the hair care industry, and us. They look incredibly natural, they feel like your real hair, and they also last longer than synthetic hair extensions.

Human hair extensions can also be styled much more easily and more tolerant to heated styling products such as curling irons and hair straighteners. If you are looking for the best type of human hair extensions, Remy hair is considered to be the highest quality product. It is minimally processed and the cuticles are still in place. Remy hair looks very shiny and healthy, and it is almost impossible to get tangles in to it.

While human hair extensions are generally considered to be the highest quality product, there are still good reasons why you may choose to use synthetic extensions instead. They are much more affordable than human hair.

If you have never had hair extensions before, and you are not sure that they are right for you, purchasing synthetic clip in hair extension is a good way to experiment with them and take them out for a test run. Synthetic extensions are also unaffected by the weather; many people purchase them for special events such as weddings or the prom. The lifespan before wear and tear starts to kick in is about one to three months.

Do I want curly hair extensions or straight hair extensions?

(We generally recommend straight hair extensions so they can be properly styled to perfection)

This is really a personal preference, but you will want to consider how you wear your hair most of the time. It is advisable to choose a hair texture that is fairly close to the texture of your natural hair. This is an important decision to make in conjunction with your decision on human hair clip-in extensions versus synthetic hair extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions will either stay curly or straight. Human hair extension can be styled like your natural hair. You can choose to curl it or straighten it. If you plan on going back and forth between the two hair textures, then human hair is probably the best bet for you.

curly or straight clip ins

What hair extension system will work best for me?

Clip in hair extensions either come as one hairpiece or as a multiple piece set. A one-piece hair set is extremely simple to attach and is ideal if you are putting your hair in to an up do. It is very easy to attach and perfect for beginners. It is also great for adding volume to your hair.

Multiple piece clip in extension systems come in different formats. You can purchase a two-piece set, which consists of one higher piece that clips in up high and a smaller piece that clips in at the nape of the neck. This set is also considered very easy to use and good for beginners.

Multiple piece sets may also come in packages of eight to ten pieces. In these sets, the hairpieces come in different widths and tare intended to be clipped in from smallest to largest, starting at the bottom. These clip in sets take some skill and practice to put I to your hair, but when placed in, there are many more options for styling the hair than the one or two-piece sets.

We have found the best combination to be a 7-piece set. It allows the best versatility and styling options as well as ease to install. This is the breakdown of how our clip-in extensions are packaged:

(1 pcs) 8 inch , 4 clips
(1 pcs) 7 inch , 4 clips
(3 pcs) 6 inch , 3 clips
(2 pcs) 4 inch , 2 clips

The total weight of this clip-in system is about 140 grams. This includes over 120 grams of real human hair. In our Clip-Ins shopping section, we currently offer (5) different colors with many more on the way!

hair extension clip

How to care for your clip-in hair extensions

For some people, clip-in hair extensions are preferable to glue in hair extensions because they are cheaper and faster, and according to some people healthier. They are also relatively easy to care for. Here are some tips for caring for your human hair extensions:

You can use a spacious wired comb to comb through your extensions. You may also use a brush. Be sure to unclip and remove the extensions from your head before you begin combing them. When you are combing through your hair extensions, make sure that all knots and tangles are removed.

When washing your hair extension clips, you can gently wet them with warm water and use a sulfate free shampoo to cleanse them. Rinse out the shampoo and them use conditioner to soften them just like you would with your natural hair.

When you have rinsed the conditioner out of the hair, comb them again to make sure there aren’t any tangles to dry. You can leave them out in the sun to dry. If you do choose to use a blow dryer to blow them out, make sure you put some sort of heat protectant on the clips to avoid damaging them.

You only need to wash the extensions once per week. It isn’t necessary to wash the extensions every night or even every second night.

If you chose to purchase synthetic hair extensions, the instructions are slightly different than their human hair counterparts. Here are some important tips in caring for your synthetic hair clip extensions:

Make sure you use a mild shampoo without sulfates. Beauty supply stores often sell shampoos specifically made for synthetic hair products.

You can fill a basin full of warm water and put a capful of synthetic friendly shampoo in. Remove the hair clips and submerge them in the water. Swish the hair in the water by moving it from side to side. Rinse with cold water.

Repeat this process with conditioner. Make sure you let the conditioner set in for a while.

Do not use a blow dryer on synthetic extensions. Squeeze out the water and let them air dry on a towel.

Use a wide toothed comb to get out tangles. Trim the frizzy ends. If you do use heated styling products on them, make sure they are set to the cool setting.

washing clip in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions can be a great option for anybody who is looking to lengthen or do something different with their hair. They are cheaper than the more expensive glue in extensions you find at the salon, are faster to put in, and cause less damage to the hair. Depending on your needs, you can choose between synthetic hair clip ins or human hair clip ins. There are advantages to both. No matter which clip-in extensions you choose, you will undoubtedly find the right ones for you and will achieve the beautiful, long locks that you have been yearning for. We also hope you will choose #HAIRFLEEK as your next place to purchase top quality human hair clip-in extensions!