Vietnamese Hair Extension Lengths

Not sure what wholesale is? Don’t know how to go about buying wholesale? Wholesale license? What are #HAIRFLEEK wholesale prices? How do you know if you’re getting a good deal? Let’s get you understanding everything that has anything to do with wholesale! Did you know #HAIRFLEEK is a USA Based Wholesale Hair Extensions Supplier: Let’s Talk!

What is wholesale? The selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others.

how to get a wholesale license? Obtain a tax identification or employer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service. You can apply for a tax identification number electronically. Check with your secretary of state or similar business agency to determine whether you will need a professional resale wholesale license.

The steps to buy wholesale

1. Get your wholesale license The start of it all! Obtain a tax identification number.

2. Decide how much you want to start off buying: the more you agree to buy wholesale, the lower the unit price. But you also want to make sure you have a plan, where are you going to store all of the units you buy?

3. Find and research wholesale suppliers: HAIRFLEEK should be your number 1 choice!

4. Reach out to wholesale sellers: Ask as many questions that come to mind! you want to make sure you know every detail about what you’re about to purchase.

5. Start off with a sample package: a sample package lets you see the product for yourself and feel it and see if it has and flaws.

6. The choice is now yours: If you love the sample package reach out to the seller and make your first wholesale purchase! If you don’t like the package it’s time to start all over again.

Looking for something other than hair? we offer:

Satin bags, Hair stand, Tags

-Custom Silk Hair Extensions Packaging Bags: light shipping weight, silky texture and ability to have your custom logo printed on the bag. Once you order we will contact you for your custom logo.
-Hair Extension Stands: Stainless color hair stands are extremely durable and easy to clean. They can be adjusted to a height you will like as well.
-Hang Tag Strings: Connects hair hang tags to your hair extensions. Each package contains 1,000 pieces. The end of the string quickly snaps into place and makes a secure connection.

Minimum wholesale prices we offer here at HAIRFLEEK are $500.