Here at #HAIRFLEEK we offer a variety of 12 different Clip-In Extension colors. Each pack of clip-in extensions includes 7 wefts, each weft a different size with a different number of clips. Let’s talk how to apply those clip in extensions…

clip in extensions

Tip #1: Tease Your Roots

If you have full thick hair you can most likely skip this step, but if you have silky fine hair teasing your roots are important when applying Clip In Extensions. In order for the weft to have something to hold on to without sliding, you will need to create a firm and thick base to clip the weft, which will help secure it in place.

Tip #2: Position your wefts

Play around with the wefts and find what positioning works best for you. Figure out which extension would fit where. Be sure to stay away from the crown of your head and not to put clip-in extensions too close to the edge of your hair or they will be seen. This is especially important for ladies with fine hair.

Tip #3: Choose your wefts

Don’t try and force all the clip in extensions to fit in your hair, more than likely your head won’t need the whole pack of clip-In extensions and that’s okay. Figure out which sequence works with what wefts, and only use those.

Tip #4: Choose the Right Extensions

Fine hair or thick hair it doesn’t matter #HAIRFLEEK clip in extensions accommodates all hair types, as they are specifically designed to create a natural longer thicker look and feel. This set will blend in beautifully with your hair.

Tip #5: Add The Extensions

Select the weft of hair that will best fit the section. You will continue to do this for each section. About half an inch up from the first weft, create the next section of hair

Tip #6: Part The Crown Of Your Head

If you part your hair in the middle you will continue to add the clip in extensions wrapping the extension from the left side of your head to the right. But, if you made a side part, let’s say on the right side, you would create a part for your next section but instead of adding the track to the side with your side part you would place the clip in toward the side with the most hair (no part) not directly in the middle of your head. An example below:


Tip #7: Layers

Layering your hair extensions is the best way to create a natural look, especially if your natural hair is layered. When cutting layers into your hair we recommend having them already installed into your hair during the haircut. It will also be very helpful to come up with a numbering system for the wefts so that you know exactly where each weft is supposed to be clipped in for future uses.

Tip #8: Style Your Extensions

#HAIRFLEEK Clip-In Extensions look amazing straightened, wavy or curled. Wrap your natural hair and the extensions together around a curling iron to make sure they flow into one another, this also applies when straightening your hair, straighten both your hair and the extensions together so they flow as one.

How To Wash Clip-In Hair Extensions


• Remove hair extensions.
• Brush clip-in extensions removing all tangles and knots.
• Using a sulfate-free shampoo, wash the extensions from top to bottom.
• Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, moving from the top down.
• Apply the conditioner of your choice, let sit for 5-10 mins and then rinse with cool water.
• Towel dry the extensions, using a wide tooth comb gently comb through the extensions.
• Let extensions lay on a flat surface to air dry.