Hot Hair Trends

Spring is in the air and that means it’s time for a fresh new hairdo. Springtime is a great time to change your hair and try those bright colors you wanted so bad in the winter but those colors wasn’t in season so you couldn’t. Let us talk the new spring 2016 hair trends….

1st Trend: Pastel Colors

PASTEL COLORS ARE EVERYTHING AND MORE! Always wanted to try a blush pink, violet, or a mint green? Well now is the perfect time to try all the pastel colors you want! Colors are in every type of color from your light pinks to vivid blues. women are choosing the full all over color but the new rave is the natural colored roots with added color.

Cool Pastel Rainbow Hairstyle

The great news about #HAIRFLEEK Hair Extensions is that it’s super easy to add color to both our Russian Blonde Hair Extensions in an instant without coloring your own hair. Simply pick out your pastel hair color, apply it to the Russian Blonde Extensions, rinse out after the time required, blow dry or let air dry, and either sew-in extensions to your own hair and you have yourself a pastel makeover. If you aren’t fond of sew-ins simply purchase our Russian Blonde Clip-in Extensions and repeat the same steps with the exception of sewing in extensions just clip them in for that pop of highlight colors. This trend is perfect for women of all ages, whether you’re adding one color or 4 these are great choices for added glam.

2nd Trend: Bangs

BANGS ARE IN!The best part is that they come in all lengths and styles, making them extremely easy to wear. Want 28″ bone straight hair with bangs or maybe you want a 8″ blunt Chinese bob with a bang, whatever hairstyle or length you want you can achieve with #HAIRFLEEK Hair Extensions! Now to get the bang look you have three options: Full head weave, Full head weave with closure/ frontal, partial sew in.

Bangs Hairstyle

How to achieve a full head sew-in with weft hair? Start by sewing hair extensions from the back of the nape and working your way up. Want your bang thick or thin? this lets you know when to stop the back and forth sewing motion and begin to sew in a circular motion until you have a small circle at the top of your head and then sew down the weft closure to finish the install. Cut bangs to desired length and shape then you’re all set!

What about a full install with a lace closure or frontal? Sew down lace closure or frontal at the beginning of you hairline making sure to place evenly in the middle of your head. Now that your closure is sewn down start applying the weft extensions from the nape all the way up to the closure. Comb some of the hair from the closure down to cover the wefts and then cut bangs to desired length and shape. Partial sew-in? This is the easiest to achieve the only thing about this install is it consists of you cutting your natural hair. Leave out a section of hair where your bang will be and leave out the perimeter of your head. Braid hair in a circular motion and begin sewing weft hair to braids from the nape and up. Cut your natural hair bangs to the desired length and you’re done!

3rd Trend: Lighter Brighter Blonde

BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN! Platinum hair is a major style and beauty statement and this statement is a huge spring 2016 trend! Can anyone wear platinum blonde hair? YES. It is all a matter of the right shade, While fair-skinned people can wear any platinum blonde shade: cold, warm, ice blonde, pinkish, ash blonde etc. Medium brown, brown, caramel, and dark skin tones usually have to add dark roots and tone the hair just to make the blonde work for them. You can achieve the platinum look by using our Russian Blonde weft hair if you are going to sew-in your extensions. If you aren’t looking for something as permanent as a sew in we do offer clip-in extensions in colors dirty blonde and Russian blonde.

Lighter Blonde Hair Color

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