Customer Selfie With Kinky Curly Hair

#HAIRFLEEK’s @LaughAtTheFunny is currently rocking her Kinky Curly Hair Extensions! Our kinky curly hair will definitely have you on FLEEK! You can also get a variety of different hair styles from wearing the kinky hair in its natural kinky state which is a more defined kinky curl, to brushing the curls out and making it appear looser but also fuller, to making it bone straight with a flat iron or even voluminous curls with a curling iron or curling wand. You might think with straightening your hair the curls won’t come back… but they will with a quick wash and go your hair and the kinky curls will bounce right back. This hairstyle is very low maintenance all you have to do to keep it looking fabulous is add water! No tangling and minimal shedding this hair will last over a year with proper maintenance. If purchasing more than one bundle of hair you can choose one of our Bundle Deals for a cheaper price!