How to Do a Blowout Hairstyle

A great blowout style can either give you the beauty or the beast look. It all depends on the technique you use. To achieve that flawlessly perfect blowout style, here are some tips to try!


Just like our skin, our hair needs nutrition to prevent heat and chemical agents from damaging it. Before you blowout your hair, wash it with shampoo and don’t forget to apply conditioner. A perfect blowout style needs clean and sleek hair! You can wash your hair using your day to day shampoo. Apply hair conditioner from the middle to the ends of your hair. If you apply it from the root, you will get oily hair and the blowout will look flat. Use cold water to rinse the conditioner.

Use a towel to absorb the excess moisture. Do not use a hair dryer because it will cause damage to your hair. It’s also important not to rub your hair with a towel because it will make your hair frizzy. Apply hair serum or heat resistant spray to keep your hair smooth. You can just apply the products you already own while your hair is still damp. It absorbs nutrients better! Choose the right styling products for your hair type. For instance, if your hair tends to lie flat, it is necessary to apply volumizing spray from the roots till the ends. On the contrary, if you have a dry hair, you can apply creams to make it look sleek without weighing it down.

Begin the Blow Dry

If you have heat settings on your hair dryer, turn it to the medium level. It is important not to choose a high level of temperature because it can create coarse hair. Roughly blow dry your hair and run your fingers through it. Make sure that the nozzle points on the ends of your hair to minimize frizz. Once it is 80% dry, stop the hair dryer.

Divide Your Hair

Brush your hair to prevent any frizz or tangles and then divide it into sections and secure each using a hair clip or tie. Depending on the volume of your hair, the sections are based on the thickness. If you have thick hair texture, you should divide it into more sections. It can be from 2 up to 10 sections.

Blowout Using Your Round Brush


A round brush works like a magic wand when creating a blowout hairstyle.

After dividing your hair into sections, begin the blow dry session using your round brush and hair dryer. Pull the brush gently through the section and dry it with the nozzle facing downwards. Remember not to point the nozzle on your scalp because it will damage the roots. Always do a little pulling to create the perfect blowout style.

Once you reach the tips, you can get a flicked out style on the ends by turning the brush outwards. On the other hand, if you want to get a curled in style, you turn the brush inwards.
The front section is the most important section because it will be the first impression on how you look. Start from the front sections, right until the back. For every section, always wait for a few seconds before you release the brush.

Moving on to the next section


When moving to the next section, leave the previous section untouched. Working on the front first will tempt you to touch the blow-dried hair sections. Don’t do that! If you want a long lasting blowout style, you can roll the sections and clip it until you are done with all of the sections. Velcro rollers work like magic when you want to add volume to your hair.

Your Hair is Set

Remove all the rollers and run your fingers gently through the sections so they can blend. Blast your hair on the cold setting of your hair dryer for a final touch. Apply hair spray to keep the blowout style long lasting. For a glossy look you can also add a glossy serum and make a sleek appearance on your hair style. If there are frizzy parts, you can use a little help from your hair straightener, but do not overuse it, otherwise it would affect the hair volume.


Another useful tip is to apply finishing products to your palms before you put it on your hair. It helps to distribute the product evenly without overly applying them to your hair.

This blowout style can last up to a few days before you rinse your hair. If you want to eliminate the grease, you can use body powder and apply it on your scalp or use a dry shampoo that is available over the counter. This helps to maintain that blowout style for days without looking oily. You can also use a shower cap when you take a shower to protect your hair from the steam that causes it to frizz.

Another great trick to try is to wrap a scarf around your head when you sleep. Pin your hair into sections and twist them. Cover your hair with silk or a soft material scarf to avoid any tangles.

Tips for the Best Blowout Hairstyle without Ever Going to a Salon

Invest in a good hair dryer
Not only will the product last long, it helps to achieve a quality hairstyle and won’t cause damage to your crown. Choose a hair dryer with an adjustable level of coolness and warmth to achieve the hairstyle you want. A hairdryer with a nozzle is able to protect your hair better from the direct heat, as the heat goes through the nozzle first before it reaches your hair.

Pick the right room
While it is great to blow out your hair in the bathroom, make sure that you have a wide space and big mirror to keep you at pace.

Choose quality products
Whether it is a heat protectant or finishing products like spray or gloss, always choose properly based on your hair type and the quality of the products.

For a DIY job, you need to be patient when working on the sections of your hair to achieve that incredibly stunning blowout hairstyle that lasts!

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