There are so many questions that can come to mind when you are thinking about getting hair extensions. Unfortunately, looking for the answers can sometimes just leave you feeling a bit more confused! As someone who has never had extensions before, you may be left dazed from the jargon and slang people use, as well as their lack of explanations regarding the choices available. Here’s our quick guide to the burning questions that you have been wanting to know! We’ll look at whether you should choose human or synthetic hair, what to look for, what to do with them, and how to look after them. We’ll even give you some tips about color too. Read on for some important information!

Human Versus Synthetic Hair

You may already have noticed that there are two types of extensions that you could go for. One is synthetic or man-made hair, and the other is real human hair. Normally this human hair is bought from someone who grows their hair long in order to sell it for a profit. It goes through strict cleaning and preparation before you can buy it. It’s usually the most popular choice because it looks natural – on account of the fact that it is. It does not need particular styling care except that which you would apply to your hair normally. You can even add colored hair dye if you like, which will help you to match it closely to your own shade. It is generally quite expensive compared to synthetic hair, but the benefits outweigh the costs in many respects. You can see our customer’s hair results using human hair extensions in our SPOTTED section.


Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is obviously not real hair. If you are looking to hold a style such as curls for days at a time, this is a good choice. You will need to be careful, however, as the curling or straightening irons can melt the hair if they are too hot. This will ruin the extensions completely. It is a cheaper option and it also creates a lot more volume, so it’s good if you want a lot of hair right away. There are reasons for and against both types of hair, so make sure that you consider the options carefully. It may come down to a choice of which one you are better able to afford. #HAIRFLEEK is NOT the place to find anything Synthetic but want to make sure you the consumer are aware of the differences.

What to Look For

You obviously want to get extensions which are the highest possible quality. Bear in mind that more expensive extensions are not always necessarily the best ones to go for because they may not be any better than those which are priced lower. You need to look carefully at the hair if possible, and even feel it. Of course, this may not be something that you can do if you are buying over the internet. In this case, look for customer reviews. Read all of them, as sometimes the most positive can be fake or the most negative may be from rival companies. You have to use your own judgment to decide which ones you should trust.


You should choose a color which is as close as possible to your current or natural shade if you are looking to blend in. Otherwise, you can go for bright colors in order to intentionally show off the difference. Think about the length and weight as well. If you just want to add fullness and not length, then you can buy about two to four ounces of hair which is the same length as yours. To add length, especially a lot of length, you may need between six and eight ounces. Basically, the longer the hair you want, the more you will need to buy.

How to Cut and Style

Generally speaking, the best option is always to go to a hairdresser or salon where you can get everything styled professionally. If they are experienced then they will know what to do with your extensions. It’s a very good idea to get a cut soon after you have your extensions put in, as this will help them to blend in with your real hair. If you have an awkward cut, then things might be more obvious.


Also remember, you can cut and style your hair just as you would normally. There are some things to be careful of, however. Remember the heat tolerance if you have synthetic extensions, and also take care with any other products that you may use. If you believe that something may be harmful to your extensions, always double checks before you try it. Always make sure to mention to your hairdresser that you have extensions if you go to a new salon for the first time. This will minimize the chances of anything happening that might damage your extensions. In terms of styling, you should also try to ensure that your extensions and your real hair blend together as much as possible. Try to minimize the styling with you do around the place where your real hair ends, as this may draw attention to the change. You can try just about any hair style, but be sensible about putting too much strain on the sewn-in extensions. They can be pulled out if you are not careful with them.

Hair Care for Hair Extensions

You can wash your hair just fine if you have hair extensions in, whether they are synthetic or natural. But as we mentioned before, you do have to be careful with them. It’s not advisable to wash your hair upside down, or to pile your hair on top of your head while washing it. Instead, put the shampoo on the palms of your hands and then carefully run them through your hair. Do the same motion when washing the shampoo out again. The same goes for conditioner.


As for which products you should use, go for moisture replacing effects where possible. This will help to maintain the health of your extensions for as long as possible. Be very careful and pay attention to the area of your hair where the extensions are sewn in. If they are not able to dry properly, because of being done too tightly, then you could end up with mold growing.

Stay away from any products that contain alcohol as these can be damaging. You might be best to avoid any oils or products that are supposed to make your hair shiny. Having your hair all tangled up is not the best thing either. Try putting it into braids at night, or at least back in a ponytail. A satin pillow may help to maintain curled styles without crushing them, so be sure to consider this.
If you are planning on going swimming, be very careful. Discoloration or fading can occur from contact with salt water or chlorine. Make sure to wear a swimming cap at all times if you do go into a pool or the sea. Otherwise, it may be best to avoid this activity and simply sit out by the sides.

Hair Extension Color Tips

One of the biggest tips that will help your real hair and extensions to blend is getting all of them dyed together at the same time. You should definitely go to a professional hairdresser in order to have this service done. This is because different shades of hair may take color differently. In other words, using the same shop bought hair dye on your real hair and your extensions doesn’t guarantee them coming out the same color.


You should keep this in mind when you are choosing your new color, too. Using bleach may not be a good idea as it can dry out the hair. This applies to your real hair and the extensions too. Make sure to double check with the manufacturers if you are going to be getting synthetic extensions as they may react differently.

A good way to blend your hair and extensions together is to go for highlights and lowlights. Rather than one all-over color, this gives you a variety of shades all in the same dye. It can be very subtle, with just a few shades between the ones that you choose. This gives the impression of more depth and shine to your hair, which may make your extensions seem more realistic. It also gives more credence to the idea that they are the same when they blend together properly like this. You should only leave your hair and extensions un-dyed if you manage to find the exact same shade of extensions as your natural hair. The exception to this is if you have purposely chosen different colors. It can be very fashionable to have differently colored extensions put in. This allows you to add style and character to your hair without having to damage it by putting dye on it. It also means that you can change the color any time that you change your extensions. This is a great option for those who want to play around or experiment a bit.