Lace Frontals Are The New Black


Lace Frontals are the talk around town! Everyone wants a lace frontal because they look so flawless if applied properly it really looks like it is growing from your own scalp! BUT this doesn’t always work with everyone. If you aren’t a hairstylist or have experience doing lace closures or lace frontals then maybe frontals are not for you unless you have the funds to constantly go back to the hairstylist to for up-keeping.

Let’s Talk frontal install pros and cons

“Glueless” w/ special product (Got2B Glued)

Pros: Easy at home fix, rinses off with water, does not irritate skin or break the hair, Lace lays mesh with the skin, the product is used sparingly, Most natural looking, give the illusion that hair is coming from the scalp, Lasts about 4-5 days at a time.

Cons: Lasts about 4-5 days at a time, pulls edges out if not properly removed. if you have oily skin the “glue’ will not hold for as long as 4-5 days.


Pros: Lasts about 2 weeks depending on the adhesive used, Lace lays flat mesh with the skin

Cons: Glue is messy, must come back for retouches every week or two unless you can apply the glue yourself at home, Glue is known for irritating the skin and severely breaking off edges.


Pros: Easy to redo at home, stronghold, lasts about 2-3 days.

Cons: Tape may irritate the skin, can be seen through the lace, has a shine, cannot be customized to fit right along the hairline.

Sewn Down

Pros: Does not use any product at all or elastic band, no breakage or irritation;

Cons: MUST come back for a retouch every 4-5 days, will cause thinning of hair around the edges due to constant tension used to pull it flat, lace near the ear won’t lay as flat as it would with adhesive.

Elastic Band

Pros: Does not use any product, lasts a little longer than the no product, holds down the frontal.

Cons: Band can be uncomfortable if applied tightly will cause a headache, Client will not be able to achieve the sideburns look due to the band pulling back the ear tabs, the Elastic band can slip back when trying to achieve a ponytail.

You shouldn’t get a frontal if…

  • You have a small forehead or a lot of baby hairs. If your hairline sits close to your eyebrows then the frontal will look like a wig.
  • It will NOT stay in place for the entire duration of your install your hair GROWS and the frontal grows with it; you will need retouch every 2-3 weeks.
  • Frontals require A LOT of tweaking to look natural this includes; bleaching, tweezing, tinting, trimming, etc., and it will require weekly maintenance and upkeep.
  • You don’t know how to keep up with your hair or don’t have the funds to keep up with your hair.