Let’s Be Real Ladies

The #HAIRFLEEK team is absolute hair extension fanatics. One of our favorite products are the Brazilian Hair Extensions that we offer in six different styles. We come across plenty of customers with lots of questions but the one we got last week was something we started to notice as becoming “a thing” in the hair world.

Do you offer ORGANIC Brazilian Hair Extensions?

AHHH NO! How is that even possible?

Organic Brazilian Hair Extensions

Let’s take a moment and just think about what ORGANIC really is. To make it simple we could just say something that does not have chemicals. You know, like all the food we eat, soaps we use and about everything else we come in contact on a daily basis. Would you consider yourself organic? That is a good question. I would guess you would say no unless you lived in the forest somewhere and never used a cleaning product and ate berries all day. So how could you come up with Organic Hair Extensions? We have no idea! This is HUMAN HAIR that we are selling coming from real people. I don’t think I have ever met someone that I would consider organic. Would you? So how would there be Organic hair? Drops Mic.

Would You Pay Extra for Organic Brazilian Hair Extensions

We hope not. And no we are not trying to tell our amazing customers some of this craziness that our hair is organic. We are tired of the marketing ploys some people try and pull. Our goal is to sell really great quality hair extensions for prices people can afford. You can find plenty of companies trying to trick consumers selling extensions for 2X or 3X the price of ours and you can’t even color it. Girl, please!

HAIRFLEEK Hair Extensions

One Last Rant of Hair Extension Marketing

The line some people are saying about the Organic Brazilian Hair Extensions reminds us of the “AAAAA” grading system some people use for hair. That is another question people sometimes ask us because it is a popular way to rate hair in the market.

So when people as us “What A grade hair do you offer”… We say…

The kind that you can take from 1B to 613, style, curl and re-install a few times with limited shedding.

This would have been considered “5A” hair in 2012. Maybe “6A” hair in 2013. Don’t forget the “7A” hair in 2014. Oh yes, we now see the “8A” hair in 2015. The only A’s we want to see is the ones on our kid’s report cards. OK!?!

If you are looking for real HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS please check us out. We don’t have time to play these games ladies. We just want to make sure you get your hair in time for your hair appointments.