It’s summer! Time to bring out those bright hair colors! Why not go pink like Heather Sanders? Now you might be thinking how can I achieve pink hair? You have two choices to either use our 1b Brazilian bundles or Russian blonde body wave bundles! below you will find step by step instructions on how to achieve the perfect pink hair using both methods.

Pink Hair Extension hairstyle

Bleaching 1b Brazilian Hair Ombre Pink

Step 1: Select 2 pink hair rinse, one rinse should be a rose or light pink and the other should be a hot pink or dark pink.

Step 2: Mark your demarcation line where you want the dark pink to stop and the light pink to begin. Depending on your preference if you want more of the dark pink or light pink lets you know how high or low you should place your demarcation line.

Step 3:  If bundles are installed in your head it makes it a lot easier to ensure the ombre starts at the same spot unlike if the bundles are not yet installed because a majority of the time the ombre doesn’t meet at the same demarcation line.

Step 4: Wear gloves before dealing with hair bleach. You will need to use bleach to lift the color from your Hair Extensions, use equal parts of a 40 volume developer and your choice of powdered bleach. Mix 2oz each of volume developer and bleach powder until combined into a thick creamy consistent mixture.

Step 5: Apply bleach from tips of the hair all the way up to the hair extension weft making sure to cover every inch of the extensions.Be sure to check the extensions every 5-8 minutes to see how much the hair is lifting.

Step 6: Let hair sit until it reaches a light enough blonde so that once the light pink rinse is applied it will be light pink instead of dark pink. rinse the hair with warm water till the water runs clear. Squeeze the excess water before applying a deep moisturizer conditioner. About five minutes later, rinse hair again.

Step 7: Start at the ends of your hair extensions and work your way up with the light pink rinse until you’ve reached your demarcation line. Place a hair tie around the top of the demarcation line and go back making sure you placed the light pink color throughout the ends. Remove the hair band from hair extensions and apply your dark pink rinse sectioning it off from the back of your head working your way up making sure to stay above the demarcation line.

Step 8: Let hair sit 30-45 mins and then wash the rinse out the hair. Let hair air dry or blow dry the extensions style and you’re ready to be on FLEEK!

Russian Blonde To Ombre Pink

Russian Blonde to Ombre Pink

Step 1: Choose the 2 pink hair dyes you will be using making sure you pick a light and dark pink. Because you’re using Russian Blonde hair extensions you don’t have to worry about bleaching the hair extensions so you can just skip to the coloring process.

Step 2: Begin applying color to dry Russian blonde hair extensions. Let the color remain on your hair for 20-30 minutes if looking for permanent results, but only 10-15 minutes for semi-permanent.

Step 3: Rinse your hair thoroughly until the water looks clear, DO NOT SHAMPOO! Conditioning your hair is best it doesn’t remove rinse from hair.

Step 4: Once you’ve conditioned and rinsed out all the excess hair dye from your hair extensions you either have the option of letting it air dry or blow dry the hair on a medium setting then style it and you’re ready to go!

Great Hair Dyes To Use

Manic Panic: Cotton candy pink, hot hot pink, pretty flamingo

manic panic hair color

Adore: Neon pink, pink petal, hot pink

Adore Hair Color

Splat: Pink Fetish, pink fantasy