Instagram Likes on Fleek!

Did you ever try taking photos but don’t have the “I’m-soo-gonna-post-this-to-instagram” feeling? That moment when you just had your eyebrows done or new body wave hair extensions sew in. Maybe you just curled your hair to perfection then take a selfie, hoping to have that one picture to be as perfect as your hair… but you don’t?

Don’t worry, I’ve been there. For us girls or for even some boys, especially those who love posting selfies in social media as much as I do, it really annoys me to have a new hair color or you just feel like you’re very beautiful and attractive today and want to take a selfie but then after taking about 5 hundred photos, none of it passed your Instagram qualifications. So, here I am to give you simple tips on how to perfect your Instagram selfies.

In taking good selfies, you just need to pose then capture. But what does it need to take a better selfie?

Effort and Magic

Well, it needs more effort and magic. The very first thing to do is find your right angle if you want your photo to be all about your beautiful assets such as your eyes, chin and that hair on fleek. In order to do this, you just need to find the right angle where the best assets of your face will be the center of attraction in the photo. For example, you have small and pointy nose, pouty lips and perfect jawline then “side view” is the right angle for you, it’s your choice if you either choose the right or left side of your face.


Second is to face your camera to the right position or find great backgrounds. There are a lot of types of selfie backgrounds. Some want to have bright backgrounds, this can be done if you’re taking a selfie and you are facing the sun or the light. Some also want to have a dark background and this can be done through taking selfies with your back to the light or the sun. Recently, the white background is very popular among selfie posts in Instagram. It is very minimalist and it’s the current trend in fashion now. But whichever suits your mood and whatever you like to do, it is certainly your choice.


Third and lastly is to put the right filter once you edit your selfie. Just keep the natural look of your selfie and add a little light or dim it a little bit, whichever is fit to the selfie you’ve taken. This is optional though if you want to bring a little twist to your photo. Some just post selfies that are not filtered (#NOFILTER), even I do that sometimes but there are just times that I want to expose, crop, adjust and be crazy in editing (but not too much that it will look like it has been Photoshopped) the photo a bit more.

There are hundreds of photo editors in the market. You can check out Google’s Play store or Apple’s Appstore. As for myself, I use and recommend VSCO cam. If you’re into professional photography or just want to edit their photo like a pro then VSCO cam is great for you.


And DIPTIC if you are adventurous in terms of editing your pictures, like putting up 5 or more photos in 1 collage and adding stickers and texts in the picture. It is also an Instagram-ready editor plus it has many textiles and colors for you to decide as background. After that, put the right caption to your photo, post it and– poof! You’re done!


Selfie Dos and Dont’s

Just like everything else, there are also some dos and don’t in taking selfies especially if you are about to post them on Instagram or any other social media sites. So, here are some of my dos and don’t in taking selfies:

Don’t take selfies while walking or if you’re in a public area, there will be a possibility that someone might snatch it from you or due to a lot of pushing in the crowd your mobile phone or camera will fall off your hand and someone might step into it. Take pictures in an area where it’s not very crowded. But if you really want to take pictures in a large amount of people around you, you could use some chains or handles so that if you accidentally lost grip to your phone, it won’t drop to the ground.


Taking selfies in an emergency or dangerous area isn’t a great place for taking photos. It might be offensive especially to those involved in the accident.

Try to not post more than 5 selfies at the same time. It may be annoying to some people that follow you and see it. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others are public sites after all. You can never know what people will say. But if you care less about what they think, then so be it. It’s your feed; you can post as many as you please. Do what makes you happy.


Also, no need to take selfies in everything you do. It’s another one of those TMI or “Too Much Information” moments that people in the internet don’t exactly need to know. You don’t really need to let them know what you’re doing in the toilet, right? Yeah. I thought so.

Selfies Should Be Fun! But Too Much is Never Good

Well, that is not everything but that’s most of it. Just keep in mind in social media is a lot of people come and go. This could be an advantage at the same time a disadvantage. Like I have said above, social media is very public and not all people are that open minded or doesn’t think the same way as you do. Posting selfies are great because we could keep memories, see it online and we could visit it anytime but not everyone thinks that way. Some say, “Vanity is a sin” and some are just not a big fan of taking pictures. However, we can’t please everyone so just be you and be crazy in taking pictures because it’s good to have proofs of happiness and memories to look back on. It also boosts your self-esteem, especially when a friend or a random person compliments your posted selfie. You feel confident and pretty because of that one comment and then another and another. Just don’t forget to be humble and say thank you. And also keep in mind the boundaries and limitations of taking selfies. Never post a picture that you might regret later on. Regrets don’t come first. So try to think twice before posting selfies.

And of course, make sure you tag #HAIRFLEEK in your next selfie after you get your hair done with our hair extensions! Check out our SPOTTED section for some of our #HAIRFLEEK selfies.