360 Lace Bands

You asked… We got them!

Everyone loves Lace Frontals but what happens when you’re ready to put your hair in a up-do? We have the solution! 360 Lace Bands! Our 360 lace frontal bands cover the entire perimeter with measurements of 4x21x2. The front of the frontal goes back 4 inches while the back of the band goes 2 inches of thin skin lace on the back for stronger support. The point of the 360 lace frontal is to allow you to wear high ponytails or any other up-do you desire. Just like our 13×4 lace frontals our 360 lace frontals have the most natural hairline, Made with top quality virgin hair on natural color Swiss lace. It is 130 density, free part, can be cut colored dyed and styled to your desire.

360 lace band 360 lace frontal bandColored 360 lace band

Add #HAIRFLEEK Bundles

One of the best parts about using a 360 band is you get to add however many bundles you desire. whether you are looking for a natural look so you use 2 bundles or maybe you are looking for a full look you would just squeeze 4-5 bundles in the middle of the 360 band.

Length: 16″
Texture: Silky Straight
Origin: Brazilian
Density: 130%
Color: 1B Natural color
Weft: 21 x 4 x 2

How To Apply 360 Lace Bands

There are 3 ways to apply lace frontal bands! The same way you apply a lace frontal can be used to apply a lace band. 360 Lace Bands can be installed by bonding using a lace glue or tape above the natural hairline, as well as by attaching the band method! This is accomplished by sewing the elastic band on the inside of the ear tabs and place on head putting the band towards the nape of your neck. The most popular method for installing a 360 lace band involves sewing down the perimeter of the frontal also using a bonding agent to glue the front hairline down. You then apply the bundled weave in the inside of the 360 band.