Hair extensions work different ways for different women. Some women say that they break their hair off, while others agree that wearing hair extensions helps their hair grow. Ironically, they’re both correct. Some women can get their hair to grow up to ten inches while having their hair in extensions while others experience a shortage because of heat damage and not taking proper care of their install.


You have to make sure the stylist who is making sure your hair is on FLEEK is properly installing your hair extensions. A bad install can cause breakage to your natural hair. Some stylist has a heavy hand and braids your hair tight, which can cause your edges to break off. Installs can last up to three months if you take proper care of them. If you do not keep your hair maintained your natural hair can end up dry, brittle, and can cause thinning. It’s good to do weekly conditions just like you would your regular hair. When you get good installs it helps from straining your hair on a daily basis and from putting heat to it every day.


How can I go about wearing hair extensions and allowing my hair to get those inches?

– Treat your natural just as good when you have in hair extensions. Make sure before your install you get a deep condition and your ends clipped.
– Some stylist do not recommend keeping installs in for longer than three months because it can cause tangling and breakage to your hair.
– Make sure your braids underneath are not very tight. This can cause hair loss as well, especially around your edges.

Make sure your hair is on FLEEK and getting those inches right!!!