Step 1:

Divide Hair Extensions into two sections, take one section and wrap with an elastic band. Gently detangle one section at a time with a wide toothed comb or paddle brush.

Step 2:

Wet your hair with luke warm water, starting close to the top of the weft where the tracks are. Be very careful as we don’t want to saturate the tracks beneath the weave.

Step 3:

Once the hair is damp, apply a small amount of moisturizing shampoo in a downward motion to remove the initial dirt and excess oils from your hair. Rinse, then repeat this process again until the water runs clear.

Step 4:

Apply a conditioner of choice to the hair, in a downward motion. Leave conditioner in for about 10-15 minutes and rinse.

Step 5:

Dry hair extensions with a method of your choice: air dry, blow dry, or sit under the hair dryer.

Step 6:

The texture of the hair also matters and as a general rule the curlier the hair, the more you will need to wash it to maintain the curl pattern instead of frizz! this is great to do if wearing kinky curly hair.