Silk presses are the new rave! What is a silk press? an upgraded version of a traditional press and curl that gives the look like it’s been relaxed. Silk presses are many used on natural hair clients but it can work great on weave that needs to be brought back to life or revamped. Step by step instructions on How To Silk Press Extensions….

Steps to a silk press

Step 1: Wash hair with both a clarifying and hydrating shampoo
How To Silk Press Extensions
Step 2: Deep condition the hair with either a conditioning mask or deep conditioner
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Step 3: Sit under the hair dryer for 10-15 minutes then rinse hair
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Step 4: Blow out the hair while damp ensuring to get the hair very straight.
Step 5: Apply a small amount of silk serum of any brand to hair
silk serum
Step 6: Begin pressing the hair with a ceramic/titanium flat iron
Flat iron
Step 7: Comb out hair and you’re good to go!
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