What Causes Hair Extensions To Shed?

Do you cut your wefts? Does It make a smoother install? Well, cut it out! when the weft is cut this loosens the hair in the weft causing what appears to be shedding. Do you sew through the weft to ensure it lasts longer? You should try sewing over and around the weft. This method secures the weft without actually penetrating it and eliminates shedding. Another way to avoid shedding is to avoid the wefts all together, don’t flat iron wefts or get to close when blow drying your hair! Wefts will make or break your extensions.

How to Prevent Shedding

Shedding can be completely avoided with a preventative method known as sealing the weft.

What Does It Mean To Seal The Wefts?

Sealing your wefts means reinforcing your tracks on your extensions with weft sealant. The glue bonds to the weft and holds the hair in place to prevent excessive shedding.

Steps To Sealing Wefts Properly

Step 1:

Choose the perfect sealant for you! do research, ask around and see what works best. There are many sealants to choose from some websites recommend using anything from weft sealer, clear nail polish, bonding glue to fabric sealant.

Step 2:

Lay the wefts on a covered flat surface. Apply the sealant directly to the weft and allow the sealant to dry. Wait for 10 – 15 min to allow drying time or blow-dry for a quicker result. After the hair has dried, flip hair over and repeat on the other side. Continue doing this with all other bundles.

Step 3:

Begin to install the hair while remembering to go around the weft instead of through it. You can either install hair with the flip over method or you can cut the wefts if you decide to cut the wefts go back with the sealant and apply where you cut the weft and let it dry completely then install.

#HAIRFLEEK extensions produce minimal shedding, for no shedding at all sealing the wefts is your best bet!