Step 1: 

When Cutting Hair Extensions it’s best to wet and section the hair so that it doesn’t move as much and all the hair will be bone straight, this makes it a lot easier to cut. Section hair into 5 sections: bottom left side, bottom right side, top left crown, top right crown, and top of the crown. Beginning in the front, comb the hair straight in the front and determine the length you desire. Do not put any tension on the hair as you hold it to be cut, it is meant to hang on its own and if any tension is used, you can get uneven results.

Step 2: 

Using a tail comb follow the line you began to cut the front two sections. Take down both left and right bottom sections and again, with no tension cut to the desired length. On each side work your way around to the front of the hair until you reach the front guide. Make sure your scissor blades are flat as you cut, to avoid unevenness.

Step 3: 

Take down the top section and part it down the middle of the head, Comb down to distribute the hair evenly on each side and cut the hair following the previous steps.

Step 4: 

Dry the hair fully using a blow dryer and style to the preferred look.