The Age Old Question! 2? 3? 4 Bundles?

There is nothing worse than sitting in a chair for hours after getting you hair washed, braided and hair extensions sewn-in only to find out that you don’t have enough hair. WTF! This is every weave wearing woman’s nightmare! Not to mention, the stylist is not going to be too happy either. Even after some modifications, you will probably be leaving the salon with your hair looking jacked up. No stylist wants to be tagged in that Instagram photo! It is important to know exactly How Many Bundles for a Sew-In?. It should be consistent if purchasing from the same hair extension company but sometimes you might want to change up your hairstyle and get a little wild or fancy. Never had hair all the way down your back and still have a full look? Girl, that is going to take some bundles now.

Weight & Wefts


Before getting into how many bundles of hair you will need for a complete sew-in lets go over why you need more bundles for longer hair and less for shorter hair. Most hair extension bundles weight about the same, 100 grams or about 3.5 oz. This is currently the standard. As the hair length in the bundle gets longer the weft of the hair gets shorter. If you take a 10″ bundle and measure it’s width you will find it will be over six feet long. If you do the same with a 30″ bundle it will be closer to three feet. You will need a certain amount of weft to fully cover your head so this is why you always need more bundles of hair when choosing a longer length hairstyle.

How Many Bundles. Really.


If you are keeping your lengths in the 10″ – 14″ range you really should be able to use just two bundles. Once you are getting above 14″ lengths you will probably need 3 bundles depending on the size of your head or if you are going to also install a closure. With lengths 22″ and above we would suggest using 4 bundles and possibly 5 if the lengths are all around 28″ – 30″.

Photo Shoots


Most models and stylists will go overboard with mass amounts of hair when doing photo shoots. If you see a model with amazingly full hair then they are often sewing in as much hair as possible. The stitch and layers on the braids are very close. Keep that in mind if your hair doesn’t quite come out like the one you liked in a photo.