Violet – 3D Mink Lashes


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The Most Comfortable False Lashes. 100% Mink And 100% Hand Crafted. Luxurious Mink Lashes Created With Double and Triple Layered.

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Hair: 3D Mink Lashes
Style: Violet
Color: Natural Color
Band: Light-weight Strip Lash
Reusable: Suggested use 20-25 wears with proper care
Brand: Mink Lash Co
• 100% natural hair.
• Free from chemical processing and dyes.
• Cruelty-free.

How to apply-

1) Carefully remove the lashes from the container without bending or pulling the lash apart.
2) Measure your lashes by holding them up to your eye to see if you need to trim them if so, then trim the inner edges to shorter the length.
3) Using eyelash adhesive, apply a thin line to the lashes being careful not to get any of the glue on the lashes themselves.
4) Hold the lashes for approximately 30 seconds to give the adhesive time to set up and get tacky.
5) Place the lashes in the middle and as close to your lash line.
6) Once the lashes are set on take the tweezer and press the lashes along the lash line to make sure they are fixed properly.
7) Apply mascara to your own lashes so that they blend into the false lashes.


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