Here at #HAIRFLEEK, we offer many different curly hair extensions to match your natural curl pattern! Do you have super tight curls/afro hair? We carry two textures that will be perfect for you! Have you seen our Kinky Curly & Natural Girl Curl hair extensions? The kinky curly hair in its natural state resembles the hair in the first picture that Kelly Rowland is wearing… Very big tight coil hair extensions. In the second picture, it resembles kinky curly hair brushed out, this is for the ladies who have tight curly hair but some loose curls throughout your hair. Now in the last picture is the natural girl curl hair extensions it’s for the ladies with the fro that has curls but aren’t coiled it’s more of the curly afro.

Curly Hair Girls

Does your hair have more of a wave to it instead of a curl? We have plenty of textures from the Deep Wave, Spanish Wave, Loose Wave and Body Wave. Here at #HAIRFLEEK, we want to ensure we have every texture and curl pattern for all of our customers. We also offer lace closures for our straight hair beauties who want to get a taste of the curly hair lifestyle! With all curly and wave patterns if straightened curls come bouncing back! Shop #HAIRFLEEK today!

Loose Curly Hair Textures