Quick Hair Extension Tips for Care!

Tip #1: Silk

Silk scarfs, caps, and pillow cases are your best friend they help keep in moisture! For dry hair, this is especially important. Not many people know that cotton pillowcases cause friction against your hair and can lead to hair loss, which you definitely want to avoid if you want to keep your Hair Extensions looking brand new. Silk pillowcases are a great alternative if you happen to be extremely tired one night and fall asleep without wrapping your hair no damage will be done

Tip #2: Heat Protectant

Heat protectant sprays will always have your back! A heat protectant adds moisture to your hair, preventing the natural moisture to evaporate. It also forms a protective barrier over the cuticle on the hair strand, preventing heat damage and enabling your hair to keep its high shine. Weaves can only take so much stress before starting to look worn out; even the grade 8A top notch hair extensions.

Tip #3: Wide Tooth Combs

Wide-toothed combs are the best if you’re not a fan of losing hair from over accessive brushing. Combing out your hair using a wide-toothed comb instead of a regular paddle brush helps prevent damage and breakage to your weave. The wide tooth comb is used to remove large tangles from the hair extensions.

Tip #4: Deep Condition

Deep conditioning your weave will leave it looking and feeling full of luster. It’s crucial that you deep condition your weave periodically while it is installed. Deep conditioning a weave only requires about 10 minutes tops and you already see a remarkable difference. Weave hair extensions should be washed at least once or twice a week keeping in mind to deep condition extensions every other wash.

Tip #5: Prep hair for braids and sew ins

Moisturize your natural hair before beginning the braid process, this makes sure when you take down the install your hair isn’t dry and brittle. You can use an oil or serum to moisturize natural hair. When beginning the braid process you want to make sure to braid taught instead of tight and stay away from pulling on edges and nape this can cause balding and or thinning to the perimeter of the hairline.

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