Hair Extensions are the solution to a lot of women’s beauty dilemmas. Having full, long, and shiny locks, curly, or even straight hair in a matter of hours which you might have thought was impossible to achieve is now possible! Hair extensions are flexible and convenient, you can choose to wear them on a daily basis or during special occasions. Best of all, you can try any color and cut without damaging your natural hair!

Quality Extensions

Sometimes women want the cheapest solution but what they don’t know is cheap hair is usually made of inferior materials that lead to irritated scalp and other allergic reactions. Irritated scalps can stunt hair growth or in worse cases cause hair loss. Choosing 100% human hair extensions over synthetic hair is best especially if you want your extensions to last for a long time. Here at #HAIRFLEEK we carry virgin grade 8A extensions, this will appear natural on you and can easily be styled and curled without losing quality.

Kinky Curly Bundles

Choose Your Hair Stylist Wisely

Along with having the perfect hair extensions, it’s important to have them installed properly. I would recommend having a professional hairstylist install the extensions, but I know I am very picky when it comes to people doing my hair so if you’re like me and feel like you know you can install your extensions properly and the way you like it then go ahead and give it a shot. Keep in mind poor installation and maintenance will wear out your extensions quicker than it should and also could cause your hair to thin, dry, and break out. Consult with hair experts or do lots of research to know the essentials when it comes to wearing and taking care of extensions. Proper installation will also give your hair a breather from excessive heating, pulling, and combing.

How to pick a hair stylist

What Is The Best Way To Braid My Hair For A Sew-In?

Braids should be firm and tight to secure your extensions, but shouldn’t be too tight and painful, if they are, they can cause scalp irritation, hair loss, redness, etc.

Braided hair for sew in


Just because you are wearing extensions doesn’t mean neglect your natural hair underneath the sew-in. You are wearing extensions for many reasons one being to protect your natural hair and grow it longer and fuller. For deep conditioning, use conditioners that are thin so that they can easily reach your scalp and make sure that all your hair strands including your natural hair are covered.

Cantu Natural Hair Products


Not many people are into oral treatments to keep healthy hair because you never know the side affect it will have on your body. From a personal experience, hair vitamins work wonders for my hair BUT I break out with small bumps on my face, once I saw this I immediately stopped taking the pills.

Natures Bounty Vitamins

I ended up researching to see if anyone else had the same problem and they did, I found out that when taking these pills drinking a lot of water is mandatory so that is exactly what I did and my face cleared all the way up and my hair became fuller and longer. Vitamins and supplements will keep your natural hair strong, and healthy hair helps make the process of adding hair extensions better and easier for your natural hair.