What You Need to Know!

Natural brown hair is great but over time can get boring. Have you been thinking of coloring your hair but didn’t want to damage your natural hair? Did you start thinking “Well if I get hair extensions that would protect my hair and I can color it!” so you ended up buying extensions… then you began to think to yourself “I just spent $300 on these extensions…. what if I damage the bundles when I color them? I would have thrown away $300”. This is a very tough decision, “does coloring hair extensions damage it?”  Well, that depends on how you color your hair…

Hair Bleach

Bleach is the easiest and quickest way to lighten hair. Lightening the hair is the easiest way when adding a color. When adding a color on top of the pre-bleached hair you have a choice in choosing a permanent hair dye, semi-permanent hair dye, or demi-permanent hair dye. Using a bleach alone can be extremely damaging to both natural hair and extensions especially if done wrong. There are ways to make your hair healthy again such as deep conditioning and hot oil treatments but in order for hair to become get back healthy, it takes many treatments. Make sure you are well educated on bleaching hair extensions.

Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent Hair Dye can be damaging but it is the best option when looking for a permanent hair color. Permanent dye contains ammonia and peroxide which can be very harsh on hair causing it to become dry and brittle. Conditioning the hair will seal the new color in by closing the cuticle up. Sometimes hair is over processed and can no longer go back to its natural hair color because the melanin has either been extracted until the hair stylist achieves the desired shade or completely eaten away. In this case, the natural color of the hair cannot be replaced you would just have to wait until it grows back in.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

One of the best ways to color hair because it doesn’t have peroxide or ammonia and is a much more gentle process than that of the permanent hair color. Semi-permanent dye also known as hair rinse can last up to 6 weeks and only add small color molecules to the hair without changing the existing hair color that much. After several shampoos, the color fades and eventually escapes the cuticle. The only reason a lot of people don’t like using semi-permanent hair colors is because the hair color doesn’t show up as bright as the permanent hair dye and every time hair gets wet the color washes off more and more with the hair.

Demi-Permanent Hair Dye

Demi hair color is very similar to a semi-permanent dye but lasts up to 12 weeks and also contains no ammonia. However, what differs it from semi-permanent hair dye is it does have peroxide.

Although conditioner helps seal the cuticles after being dyed the hair strand will not be able to revert to its previous condition on its own when we use permanent hair dyes. Frequent use of permanent hair dyes will lead to dry and damaged hair. Having your hair colored by a professional sometimes is your best bet, they know exactly how to color your hair without causing any damage.