Making your Custom Wig

Wig making is an important thing especially if you really need something that is functional and works just right. A custom made wig is the solution to all your hair issues as it should be able to cover your head just the way you like. Quickly changing your look for a night out on the town only takes minutes by switching to your custom wig unit. Some woman has a few that are dramatic colors and styles like “Mermaid” and “Ombre” but don’t want to have that look while professional in an office setting. Having the custom wig quickly transforms your look so you can feel like Beyonce on your next night out.

There are different ways for you to make that custom wig and this should be followed strictly so as to make sure you get the very best results after everything has been done. Having the correct tools and a lot of patience is the only way you are guaranteed of getting worthy results.

Measuring the Head of the Wearer


This is a very important tip as it will mean that you actually make a wig that is suitable for the head size. A cloth tape measure has to be used round the hairline and it should extend from the hairline base at the neck to the forehead area. Wrap the tape measure just above ears on both sides of your head. The tape measure should not be pulled. Make sure it lies flat on flattened hair and ensure it isn’t taut. The center op of the head has to be measured too. The crown of the head has to be measured and stop where the hairline ends. Also remember that woman with larger heads will require more hair extensions to achieve a fuller look.

More Measurements

You also need to measure starting from one ear to the other. This should be done by placing the tape measure on the point which is uppermost just where the ear connects to the head. The tape measure has to be draped over your head crown and down to the opposite ear. Don’t pull the tape tight though it should lie flattened on the hair. The tape measure has to be at the position where sunglasses or eyeglasses usually sit.

Making a Wig Foundation


The measurements now need to be transferred to the wig block. Based on measurements achieved, sketch a rough perimeter of the head. The distances need to be the same. As an alternative, you can use fine net caps or cotton lace caps as long as it fits your head and place it on the wig block. However, beware if you sue the latter the wig will not custom fit.

Cotton Ribbons on Block

This is an important tip that you can use. On the perimeter of the wig outline, make sure you use cotton ribbons. Small nails can be used so as to hammer the ribbon into place. If you are using Styrofoam in place for a wooden wig block, sewing pins are a better alternative to nails for the attachment of the ribbons. The ribbons need to be the flattest they can be on the block.


Application of Wet Cotton Lace

The cotton lace strips need to be moistened and this is easily achieved by spritzing them using water from a bottle spray. The strips have to be draped over wig block and then stitched to the ribbon. These strips should be as long as the measurements that you took for the crown part of the head. The strips should be as few as possible. Use larger pieces instead of the smaller ones. The lace has to be pinned in place fore you start sewing. Avoid lace with patterns.

Trying the Foundation

Remove nails and take the foundation off the block. This is to allow you to fit it and see if it is done correctly. If it doesn’t fit the way you want, it is important to discover why this is so and make the appropriate adjustments so as to fix it. Trim off excess cotton lace which is past the ribbon border.

Preparing Hair for Use


You have to choose an option between synthetic or real hair. The options have disadvantages and advantages too. If you plan to wear the wig every day, real hair is the best option. For an occasional wear, synthetic is the way to go. Natural hair is a bit more realistic and can be able to handle styling products and heat in a better way. The real hair needs restyling after it has been washed. Synthetic hair is lighter but doesn’t have to be restyled as often.

Sorting and Pulling Hair

You need to run the handfuls of hair so as to detangle and straighten it out. You also need to have the hair all sorted out. Hair heckle has a sturdy base and five rows with pointed needles. It helps in straightening and blending different shades together.

Placing Hair into Place

The hair has to be placed on drawing mats. Make sure that one end of all sections is on the drawing mat. Another drawing mat should then be placed on top so that pointed sides do not meet.

The Wig Creation

You should pick the correct ventilating needle. This depends on what number of strands you desire on one single knot. If you want more strands, a larger needle is in order. The hair should be now pulled in in a loop and then a knot onto the lace. You should work starting from the neck area. You can also vary the direction when you get to the crown area. Once it is perfectly put together you can decide on how you want to style or even color your wig.


When it is all done, it’s time to try your new wig on!