Protective Style with Curly Hair Extensions

What is a protective style?  A protective style is protecting the hair from over-manipulation, chemical, and environmental elements. Natural hair is fragile. We have tightly curly or coiled hairs that wrap themselves around one another and cause tangles, snags, and knots.

curly hair protective style

Here at #HAIRFLEEK we offer 4 different curly hair textures; Kinky Curly, Deep Wave, Spanish Wave, and Natural Girl Curl.

Pros Of Wearing Curly Weave As A Protective Style

  • Weaves allow you to wear hair extensions without making you extremely hot.
  • Your hair also can grow tremendously if braided properly underneath the weave (It shouldn’t be sewn too tightly. You can add hair to the cornrows so the thread isn’t pulling on your actual hair).
  • Plenty of textured weaves you can buy that will give you a natural look that blends flawlessly with your actual hair texture.
  • Less manipulation of your natural tresses is drastically reduced which can guarantee retaining more length.
  •  Easier transitioning for women who may be debating on eliminating straightening chemicals and going through with the Big Chop.
  •  Weaves can provide constant manipulation without the stress on your tresses. Weaves also provide a great option for a highly active lifestyle.
  •  Your weave has now become the cloak of protection for your hair, automatically resistant from harsh elements such as weather, too much sun exposure, and materials from clothing that can cause friction to natural strands. If wearing 100% human hair you now have the freedom to use heat-based appliances without fear of damage to your natural strands.
  •  Experimenting with color and cut while wearing a weave is a safe and easy way to play around with different looks.

Cons Of Wearing Curly Weave

  • Weaves can get a little hot depending on how many bundles you have installed.
  • Human hair weaves can be a little on the expensive side. constant upkeep means constant expenses.
  • Every weave sheds whether it’s a little or a lot that can be annoying to someone who isn’t used to hair that sheds.
  • Traction Alopecia is a form of alopecia or moderate hair loss caused by a self -induced pulling force or action usually caused by too tight braids, twists or styles, ponytails, weaves and extensions.
  •  Neglecting of natural hair especially washing while sporting a weave can be a very easy mistake to make since your focus is on hair that is not your own.
  • Extreme dryness of hair and scalp is one of the biggest and most common factors of natural hair while wearing a weave which can lead to breakage.

Curly Hair Weave

Tips to a Success Weave

  • 100% human hair allows you mobility with heat based appliances.  
  • Glue or thread? You can use either glue or thread to anchor down your wefts but personally, I wouldn’t advise using glue especially if you have natural hair. For some reason removing glue from relaxed hair is a lot easier than removing it from natural hair, you might think you’ve removed all the glue but I promise you two weeks later you would find glue in your hair. Glue should rarely be an option to hold the track to your natural hair unless you are not concerned with hair loss.
  • Start from the ends and work your way to the root of the track. This will add longevity and decrease the amount of shedding of the weave due to less stress by combing your way up towards the track.
  • Just because it’s a weave doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it. Use your top notch products! the better you treat your hair the longer it will last!
  • Choosing a weave or extensions that are closest to your hair pattern will drastically decrease constant manipulation in trying to imitate the curl pattern of the weave with your own natural hair. This applies only if you are wearing the crown of your natural hair out or extensions.
  • Wearing a weave does allow you the option to sleep without a satin pillowcase or scarf, I would suggest not opting out on satin pillowcases and scarfs because I promise they can add longevity to your weave.