Curling Wand Tips & Tricks

Want to style your hair the easiest way? A straight hair style is so last year, and now curls are glamorous. It makes you more chic, regardless of the length of your hair. If you have never done it before, it takes a little practice to curl your hair with a curling wand. Unless you have just sewn-in our Deep Wave or Kinky Curly Extensions you will most likely need to pay close attention to this article. Silky Straight girls don’t worry because these tips will help you out!

What Size of Curling Wand Do You Need?

Opting for a perfect curling wand that suits you can be a hard task. There are differences in the lengths, and the size of the barrels – and getting those flawless looking curls using the wand can be tricky sometimes! Quit thinking about it and let’s go through these curling wand sizes to get what you need!


3/8 Inch Wand

If you don’t have natural curls like Tracee Ellis Ross, you can still have them using the 3/8 inch curling iron.

5/8 Inch Wand

The 5/8 inch size of barrel is perfect for medium length hair. It keeps your style looking chic like Beyonce’s curly hair. This curling iron helps you to create small uniform curls.

¾ Inch Wand

The small sized barrel is used to create corkscrew-like curls. For bridal updos, many hairstylists use this curling wand (like the crazy curls you see on Taylor Swift’s hair!)

1 inch Wand

If you are a newbie with a curling wand, the 1 inch barrel size is probably the best thing you can buy. It is the most popular size because you can create a bunch of curls and waves just like how Alexa Chung’s hair looks—naturallyand effortlessly cool. Iron all of your hair and don’t forget to apply some spray to hold the texture.


1 ½ inch Wand

The loose wave style is sexy. If you want to create Lauren Conrad’s loose curls, the 1 ½ inch curling wand barrel size can create a loose touch that looks natural and adorable. It is perfect for a beach-type look because the barrel drops your hair slightly to make it stay loose (and sexy).

1 ¼ inch Wand

This curling iron is a perfect size to get those Shakira-like coils. The hair twisting method is done in opposite directions, instead of away from your face. Not many girls like this size of the barrel, but you should because this creates perfect waves with bigger seducing waves.

2 inch Wand

Remember how Kate Middleton always has those perfect blowouts on the hair ends? It is achievable using a 2-inch curling wand. The medium barrel size allows you to create a bigger curl with a fuller style. It helps to create subtle kinks that really make your style different!

hair-curlsWhat Type of Curling Wand You Should Buy?

1. Shirley Temple Curls
Remember those iconic spiral curls Shirley Temple used to have? The tight curl can now be made using a small barrel curling iron.

2. Springy Tendrils
Wrap pieces of your hair around the ceramic barrel of your conical curling wand. It doesn’t have clamps so it relies on your fingers to hold the hair a few minutes before you release.

3. Cascading Waves
Don’t throw out your flat iron just yet, because it can actually be useful to create wavy hair that looks naturally sexy.

4. Crimped Hair
Thanks to the technology in hairstyle today…now, the 3 barrel curling iron gives you those crazy curls from back in the 80s.

5. Loose and Voluminous
Create voluminous curls with a loose style using a medium-sized barrel curling iron.


Useful Tricks When Using Your Curling Wand

Slide your Hair, Don’t Drop It
This may sound simple, but when you drag your hair downward before you let it cool in your hand, you won’t get those long lasting curls.

Vertical for Loose Curls, horizontal for bouncy curls
Remember this theory and you will always get the perfect curls you want. Vertical curling helps to create looser curls. For a flatter curl, pull the wand downward.

Turn your Wand Upside Down
If you use your curling wand, turn it upside down so your roots will have larger curls than the bottom. It gives a more natural style.

The Right Heat
Set the temperature on 200 degrees Fahrenheit for a loose curl style and 300 degrees Fahrenheit for tighter looking curls. Never reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit because it will cause your hair to dry and even get burnt!


Curling from the Root
The secret to long lasting curls is to start curling from your hair root. It locks heat and keeps it long-lasting.

For Quick Waves
For effortless wavy hair, tie your hair into a ponytail style and curl your hair. Let it cool down before you take down the ponytail. Don’t forget to apply mist and spray to hold the style.

Remove the clamp of your curling iron
If you are hesitant to buy a curling wand since you have your curling iron with a clamp, you can actually trick it out by removing the clip from the iron. Unscrew the bolt that holds the stand and your curling iron is now a magical wand!

Clean Your Curling Wand Regularly
As you apply serums, hair moisturizer, and other products before you use the curling wand, you will find that your curling iron gets dirty over time. It’s important to clean it regularly to prolong its lifespan and so it doesn’t cause any damage to your hair. Curling wands can get pretty expensive so taking care of them is almost as important as taking care of your hair!

To remove the built-up dust on your curling wand, heat your wand until it is warm and rub it using a wet cloth. You can also use a water/alcohol solution when the curling wand is cooled down. For a more practical cleaning, you can buy the iron cleaner.