Choosing The Right Hair Type

When Choosing The Right Hair Type hair extensions you want to make sure that you choose the right one for you especially if getting a partial sew-in. We at HairFleek carry 2 different hair types Brazilian and Vietnamese, below will explain how the extensions will feel and look.

Brazilian Hair: This hair type is extremely versatile and is often chosen by many women as the hair comes in all different styles. Brazilian hair has a medium to thick density and is also great for women who have medium density hair and want to add a lot of volume.

Vietnamese Hair: Vietnamese hair is great for women who have naturally thick dark hair. After washing our Vietnamese hair it usually goes back to its natural wavy state which gives amazing natural volume and texture, Vietnamese hair can be used for all hair types! Vietnamese hair is darker than our Brazilian bundles.

Hair Type Texture

Brazilian:Medium *Straight, Wavy, Coarse Curly, kinky curly

Vietnamese:Thick *Straight, Wavy