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Have you considered getting hair extensions for your hair? Are you afraid that they will look tacky or fake? Are you afraid they will be so long that you will look like Rapunzel or that the colors that you pick out won’t quite match your natural hair color?

Hair extensions can be wonderful investments if you are looking to mix up your style or change your look, but it is important to pick out high-quality extensions that will look beautiful and natural. These products are absolutely available to you, but first, you have to know what you are looking for.

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One of the most important things that you must consider when picking out hair extensions is the color of them. Getting the right hair color extensions for you is a very important part of the process of attaining a natural look. Different companies and salons may use different color measurements on their extensions, so the process of choosing the right hair extensions for you can be confusing.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Color Extensions for Your Hair for a Completely Natural Look

Perhaps the most important part of the hair extension is the part that will show under your own hair. The part of your hair where the extension is attached to should match as closely as possible. The root portion of your hair tends to be darker than the rest of your hair, so you should identify the color of your hair from the tips through the middle of the strands. Blending the colors at the bottom of your hair is perhaps the most critical step in ensuring that your new extensions will look natural.

If you going to a physical location to pick out your hair extensions such as at a hair salon or a local outlet, you can perform a color test on the extension by holding the extension up to your hair in natural light. At this point, you would want to judge whether or not the extension would be a good match. Remember to compare the color to the bottom parts of your hair. The roots will always grow out darker at first and will not make for a good match.

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If you are purchasing your hair extensions from a company on the internet, many companies and websites will send you a small sample for a small fee. The few extra dollars that you will spend for this will be a good investment. Again when ordering the samples, choose colors that you believe will most closely match your natural hair color, and make your decision after you have been able to complete an in-person test. The extra time and the little extra money that you put forth in the process will pay off in the end.

Alternatively, some companies on the internet will ask you to send in a sample of your own hair so they can do a color extension and match up what they believe is the best options for your new extensions.

When choosing your own hair extensions and not having the color picked for you by a professional or a hair extension company, it is a good idea to have a friend gives you a second opinion on the match of the color in natural lighting.

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In the event that your extensions do end up slightly off color, it is possible to dye hair extensions that are made out of real human hair to match the rest of your hair. This will not work if your extensions are made from synthetic material, but will work on high-quality human hair extensions. Higher quality extensions made out of real hair will not only benefit you if you need to dye them but will also look, feel and move just like your own hair.

Choosing to dye your hair extensions to match your own hair color is one of the ways to ensure that you will have a perfect uniform match throughout your hair. If the extensions are only slightly lighter than the color of your own hair, the hair stylist who attaches them can blend them into your hair and style them in such a way that they will add dimension to your hair and appear to be highlighted.

If all the hair extensions are curled together will create a more natural, authentic appearance and color. Human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions, but they are of much higher quality and are definitely worth the investment. Human hair extensions ensure that you will have a more realistic appearance, are able to be cut and colored in the same manner as your natural hair, and are not susceptible to damage from heated tools such as curling irons, hair straightness, and blow dryers.

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How You Can You Get Creative With the Color of your Hair Extensions?

We have talked about some tips on choosing the right extensions to match your natural hair color to create a natural, realistic and beautiful look. Alternatively, if you are looking to express your inner creative diva with a bold statement, there are plenty of color options for the more daring among us on a more permanent basis or for ladies who are looking for a unique look for a one-time event. If you are looking to get artistic and inventive with your hair extensions, you could consider getting sparkling strands or flow strands.

Sparkling hair extensions are a great option for a one- time occasion where you want to feel like a princess such as a wedding or a banquet. Sparkling extensions allow you to thread diamonds throughout your hair. You can stick with one color diamonds or can choose to have an assortment of colors. Sparkling hair extensions are mesmerizing, attention grabbing and memorable. They will leave a long lasting impression that people will have a hard time forgetting.

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Flow strands (also known as graded strands) are becoming increasingly popular and are quite common among celebrities these days. Flow strands are used to create an umbra or dip dyed effect in the hair. This effect is completed by processing the hair by passing it from one tone of color into another tone of color. Many graded tones transition from darker hair into lighter-toned hair but lighter hair into darker hair is becoming increasingly popular.

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Bold colors are commonly using when creating flow strands such as blue, lilac, red or copper colored. Common combinations of colors include blonde hair mixed in with red, blue or lilac or brown hair mixed in with blue, red or copper. Some people have chosen to have lilac color extensions graded into their naturally long gray hair, or bright blue extensions graded into their naturally black hair. Some ladies take an even more daring route by choosing a variety of colored extensions to create a rainbow effect.

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Are hair extensions right for you?

If you have been itching to do something different with your hair but are not sure that you want to keep it permanently, hair extensions are a great option for you. Hair extensions can be incredibly convenient for mixing up styles and can also be a ton of fun. They can also be a fantastic option for women who are not interested in waiting years for their hair to grow out long. Hair extensions may also be a very appealing option for people who have experience hair thinning or baldness-either due to self-imposed reasons or because of medical causes.

If I get bored of my hair extensions, can I color them?

It depends on Again, the only types of hair extensions that can be colored are high-quality ones that have been made out of real human hair. Synthetic hair extensions are not durable enough to withstand coloring or bleaching. If you have hair extensions made out of real human hair, then it depends on if you have already colored them.

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It is recommended that hair extensions only be bleached once, as you do not want to over process the hair. Most hair extensions are first bleached and re-colored before they are turned into a hairpiece. It is generally okay to bleach them one more time in, but over processing the hair can lead to the same damaging effects that it would have on your natural hair.

If you do choose to color your hair extensions, single-process permanent color is most effective on lighter colored hair extensions. Semi-permanent, demi-permanent and temporary hair dyes may also be used.

(Quick Tip: Demi-permanent color contains no ammonia and deposits only. It is mixed with a low-volume developer to help open the cuticle and lasts up to 24 shampoos. This type of color is great for blending gray, enhancing natural color, refreshing color, toning highlights, or for corrective work.)

If you do choose to color your hair extensions, you will have much better luck with high-quality extensions that will never tangle or get clumped up… It also has limited a limited shedding factor. If you choose to move forward with the coloring process of your extensions, here are some tips on successful completion.

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Tips on How to Successfully Color Your Own Hair Extensions

The first tip in coloring your own hair is to check for color fastness. Extensions will not react to hair dye in the same way as the hair from your scalp because they have been treated specially formulated dyes that can react negatively to some chemicals. This isn’t the worst thing in the world, this just means if tints are oxidized on your extensions, the reaction may not be what you are expecting. To find out how the color reacts to the extension test a few strands of it. If you follow this method, the hair-coloring product can be altered until you achieve your desired result.

To do a strand test: Mix some of the dye in the bowl; apply it to a small clip-in weft. After the dye color develops, you can see what the final product is.

Another tip that hair stylists give to clients who are considering dying their hair extensions is to use a product that isn’t higher than 20 volume hydrogen peroxide. Hair extensions tend to be dryer than the natural hair growing from your scalp and using peroxide that is higher than 20 volumes can further dry out your hair. It may also affect the color of lighter extensions. Cream hydrogen peroxide is optimal for best results.

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Avoid using a hair product with high ammonia. It is unnecessary to use such a product since you are only depositing color into a strand and not covering up gray hair. Avoiding ammonia throughout the entire hair extension process is preferred.

If you are intending to lighten the color of the hair extension, you need to take extra care. When you lighten the hair color, it has the potential to damage the hair extension permanently. In general, it is a good rule of thumb to pick a hair product that will deposit colors and not strip the extension of colors. Hair stylists recommend that you lighten the bleach colors only on the color ring and to not over do it.

Once you have picked the right hair product for your extension, there are several things you should keep in mind during the actual process of coloring the hair. You should remove the string and divide the hair extensions into two or three bundles, which can be bound together with rubber bands. You should cover the tips of the hair extensions with plastic wraps; it is important to protect them. Another good tip is to brush body out of the hair before you apply the dye so that it fans out thinly. Make sure you hold the top of the bundles in a firm manner to avoid shedding. Finally, check the color every five minutes to make sure you are reaching ideal variation and rinse out the color thoroughly when you have reached the ideal level.

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There is a lot to consider when you make an investment in hair extensions. Hair extensions can be extremely fun, funky and there are a lot of different ways you can experiment with them. Whether your goal is to simply have a beautiful natural look but you are tired of waiting for your hair to grow out or you looking to does something bold and daring to express yourself more creatively, you can find hair extensions that will work for you.

The color selection is a vital piece in choosing the appropriate hair extensions; whether it be that you need to choose an appropriate match for own hair color because you are trying to achieve a natural look or that you want to choose a fun and funky color or perhaps you have tired of the color of your extensions and you want to change the color without taking out the extensions and purchasing new ones. While there may be some and money that needs to be invested in the process, you will ultimately be very satisfied when you achieve the hair of your dream!

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